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Vijay Anand, an Indian entrepreneur, passionate and driven by technologies related to the Mobile, VoIP, and Emerging Internet space, with a wide range of interests from simple economics to biotechnology and genetics, with a biased corner for anything related to artificial intelligence and neuro-science.

He is quite passionate about the startup ecosystem and is involved heavily in the creation of vibrant communities here in India, much like the activities that went on in Canada during his stay (where he bootstrapped two businesses) when there were issues of connecting entrepreneurs with funding, lack of seedfunds and in the free exchange of ideas and networking.

Putting words into action, He is the Founder of, the startup ecosystem body, and has been a driving force in being involved in community events such as Barcamp Chennai, Blogcamp, Wikicamp, Podworks, Open Coffee Club in Chennai and seeding such similar initiatives across the country.

Vijay currently works in the position of overseeing Technological and Business Development for a research/Business Incubation department in IIT Madras along with Dr. Ashok Jhunjhunwala in working with passionate and energetic entrepreneurs bootstrap their businesses, and is also involved with the Investment and Business Strategy group for the same. He is also onboard a few companies and teams, providing strategic advice and consulting on Product Management, Strategy and Business Operations.

Affiliations: | Barcamp Chennai | Wikicamp | Blogcamp | Podworks | Mobile Monday (MoMo) Chennai | Open Coffee Club Chennai | I Fix Chennai | Startup Lunch

Email: vijay(at)

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Dear Mr Vijay,

I have gone through your blogs and I liked your opinions very much. Currently, I am based in Chennai.
As you have mentioned that you deal with VC firms, if this is the case then i can have several good opportunities from EU (UK, Switzerland, France, Luxembourg etc). Please revert back ( if it interests you and if the VC firms would be interested to invest cross-border. Many thanks.

Best Rgds,

Hello Sir,

I am doing my B.Tech from IIT Delhi, into final semester now, I am interested to gain an experience working with a start up company along side my college schedule which is relatively relaxed now, can you suggest me any names of start up in and around New Delhi where i can work hard and contribute to the company as well as myself.

Kindly mail me your mail id if possible.




Have responded to you via mail.


Vijay –

Wanted to let you know about another pre-seed venture model launched in Philadelphia last week. DreamIt ventures ( DreamIt is following the Y Combinator model and currently calling for applications for for DreamIt ’08.


Hey Vijay, were also at IIML? Or maybe there are multiple folks with your name from IITM. Glad to be here on your blog, and also to see your interest in artificial intelligence and neuro-science. Lets connect on email, and discuss. You may want to see too. Thanks/Shankar

Hi Vijay,

This is Shiva from Chennai. Just curious about the work done in Incubation/Business Center in IITM. Any website for the unit available?


[…] 31, 2008 · No Comments Found this blog by Vijay Anand, a serial entrepreneur who works out of IIT-Madras. (IIT is short for Indian Institute of […]

Dear Vijay,
I am an experienced (20 years) banking and IT professional with very good product development experience. I am looking to start as an independent consultant to advise (on a paid basis) either small companies or start-ups who have reached some stability. My prefernce is for those who are operating in the banking space. An example is a company which is developing or has developed banking products.

In case you are aware of such companies/entrepreneurs then it would be great if you could help me connect with them.


Shankar, Shiva, Shashank: Responded via email.

Hi Vijay,

I am a research student at the Dept of Management Studies,IISc,Bangalore.I am working on Knowledge,Social Capital and Entrepreneurship.From your profile and i understand that your inputs will be very useful for my research.Would like to meet you sometime and interact with you?

Just curious:Did you study in Poorna Prajna,Sadashivanagar,Bangalore?

Hi Vijay,
I am an entrepreneur and co-founder of I am interested to attain startup/entrepreneur events like Barcamp etc. in Delhi. Please provide me necessary information. I would appreciate any suggestion and guidance from you.

Dear Mr. Vijay,

I completed my engineering and joined an IT company(like majority of us do!) and was working for close to 5 years on various maintenance and development projects. I quit work as I wanted to do something different and change my field of work completely. I took up GMAT and was suggested this site by my sister. I read your blogs and liked what I read.

I am interested in working with a start up company. Having said that, I am a little apprehensive about the kinds of skills that would be required to join a start up. To begin with, I have IT experience in the Insurance domain and have the ability to coordinate and lead people to achieve a set goal. Apart from this, I have global exposure while dealing with clients and I possess exellent communication skills. Unfortunately, I have no experience in any kind of web development but, I quickly grasp new ideas and can learn up while on the job.

I would appreciate your suggestions and any aid you could provide to help me connect with start ups in Hyderabad or Bangalore.

Thank you,

P.S: Please mail me your email id.

@ Priya: Mailed you.

This message is for Vijay Anand – Just updated Drudge Report today. It no longer opens in landscape / only opens in portrait – although when you open and article you can flip the phone to landscape and the articel can be read. Please fix it to open in either landscape or portrait as it did before he last upgrade.


Dear Vijay,

I work for a small-ish consulting firm in the social business space, it is called IntelleCap.

I liked the idea of a startup lunch, and would like to volunteer for assisting in organizing one in Hyderabad.

On a separate note, I think the social enterprise space could benefit from a similar initiative, and would like to explore either starting or broadening the Startup Lunch to include social enterprises too- to help find experienced people who can work for startups that create value to society and the environment.

Please do mail me back.


I dont have much to say here…just..keep up the great work 🙂 cheers!!

Hi Vijay,
Google Reader recommended your blog(based on my interests) the first thing that caught my eye was your tag.The Startup Guy;-)
I hope one day I’ll sport the tag too.

Hello Vijay,
I am a consultant/developer working in the USA. I have an idea for an internet startup focusing on the emerging indian internet space. But i don’t know where to begin or whom to talk to.

I can send you the details, if you can send me your email id.


hi vijay,

I am a banking professional living in SFO bay area. I want to work for tech companies in the BFSI space – I have googled a bit to find this info. Any way you could you help me connect with some names of startups in SFO city?


Hey Vijay from Vijai,

Thats funny huh!! Good to meet you virtually thru your blog.

You got a very impressive background which I cannot imagine getting even closer. I like your enterprenuership mindset and applaud all your efforts in nurturing enterprenuership with all the bootcamps.

I like to get your help on forming some entreprenuer groups in chennai who might be interested either implementing a business idea Angel investors have or come up with ideas which can be implemented with investor support. If you think, you can help me out. Please contact me at my email.


I would like to contact you in mail for my query. Thank you very much


Hi Vijay,

I am an experienced (7 yrs) VOIP professional with good client/server development experience. Currently I am not working and looking for openings in this domain.

could you please help me out in this regard.

thanks & rgds,

Hi Vijay,

Im in the process of starting my own venture, I keep going in circles when Im projecting financial numbers for my website. Also, what metrics and how should I value my company. I’ve been trying to find information online but havnt tumbled upon a convincng valuation approach (if that exists 🙂 ). Would approciate you help.


Hi Vijay,

I am exploring an opportunity in the media space which I have been by my entreprenuer batchmates is something that you see a lot of potential in. I need your inputs on how to put defining walls around it.

Please let me know your personal mail id. I will write at length. I am based in Hyderabad. do you ever visit hyd?

Abhineet – IIML 04, IIT-KGP 02


Sorry for getting to you so late – since I dont keep this blog active and have moved. Hope you were able to find some help.


I will be really grateful to you from bottom of my heart, if you give some time for going through this post.

I have deep interest in pursuing research in the area of Novel Mechanisms responsilbe for Advance Robotics Technology and New Product Development – especially on Stair Climbing Mechanism.

Regarding my background, I have a Bachelors degree in Engineering with a concentration in Mechanical Engineering. I have been working on this idea ever since my graduation in 2005. Since 2004 I have invested my time and my personal financial resources towards the development of the design for Autonomous Stair climbing mobile platform.

In it’s preferred embodiment this model can be utilized as –
1. “Stair Climbing Wheelchair”- For disabled people for ascending and descending stairs automatically. Making disabled people independent for their day today movement in almost every type of surfaces even and uneven.
2.Stair Climbing Handtruck- For transporting materials.
3. Stair Climbing Robot – For defense and surveillance applications.

I have already applied for a patent in India. I am also interested in filing International Patent.

Would there can be any opportunity or suggestions for funding my project (right now especially for Patenting in foreign countries) before early March 2010?

Since, the schemes run by other Gvt. agencies are delaying and some are not supporting for individual inventor. With great hope , I am writing this mail.

I look forward in hearing from you.

It would be more better if I can have a meeting with you, giving the real exposure of related products in Foreign countries especially- Germany, France, US, Japan etc. My invention is superior product eliminating many problems of the existing products; Finally, claiming to be manufactured in low cost and more profit.
Thanking you in anticipation.

Mob. No. +91-9988124651.


Sorry for getting to you so late – partly since this is not the active blog that I use anymore. Hope you have been able to find some answers.


hi vijay

i am looking for a stair climbing wheel chair which can be operated manually by one person . hope u can help me

Hello Vijay,
Read your article: Entrepreneurship in B-schools, an Oxymoronic expectation? I agree with you. Our MBA institutes are based on a static, inflexible curriculum, brought about by our two decade old one-dimensional lifestyle. But we need them too, they supply corporate employees.

Life is far more fluid and undefined now. Perhaps we need a different type of entrepreneurial institution that is evolving and adapting to suit its student base.

Thinking aloud: Application requested from would be entrepreneurs and start-ups:

Admission procedure: submit your business plan, and your financing plans. Battery of live tests need to be passed: a negotiation skills test, address a group of people to convince them on a issue, source solution providers/ vendors to a given issue, written tests…

Curriculum: marketing, accounting, financial planning, language skills, personal image consulting, people skills, toastmasters, research and sourcing skills, computers, technology, responsible financial management, social responsibility, business ethnics, one semester internship in a business house in another country, constant revision of product and process to improve quality and reduce costs (like the Japanese), conflict resolution skills, employee motivation and management skills, bottom-line management.

The degree obtained will be based on the final evaluations of the incumbent’s start-up project. And a 60% pass mark on the curriculum. There are also five categories of the Golden Presidents awards granted to the winner of: best bottom-line management, best product quality, most environmental and social ethic consciousness, most efficient organizational set-up and highest customer and employee satisfaction.

What say you? 🙂

Oh Vijay,

Forgot to add: the above institute gains a steller reputation for fathering prestigious businesses. There is a government loan bank devised that supports all students who successfully pass the program.

Mira 🙂

I feel that is one of the so much important information for me. And i am glad studying your article. However want to remark on some basic things, The website taste is perfect, the articles is really great : D. Excellent job, cheers

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