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It’s hard to believe that the core team behind has been at it for more than two years now. It was in 2005 that the team came together to figure out what we want to do for the budding entrepreneurial space here in India, and help facilitate the growth of the startup community. We’ve come quite a long way since then.

All that knowledge, experience and interaction has been slowly translating into the finer details that go into the planning for the event, and for the continuous interactions that happen over community initiatives like Open Coffee Club, Startup Lunch etc.

So Coming back to the question of what One can Expect out of the upcoming edition of Well for one, we can most certainly use the “bigger and better” theme, as cliched as that phrase is. The Venue for the upcoming edition of is finalized in the halls of the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, for the dates of 18th and 19th (Friday, Saturday). We are expecting a participating audience of close to 600+ for this edition of

The First day as usual will be the Startup School sessions. We are scraping the technology tracks this time, and focusing purely on the business tracks. I suppose and we agreed that there are plenty of ways to pick up on technology and the such, but very few places where a startup entrepreneur gets to hear, learn and experience the business of bootstrapping. There will be a few big names, but mostly the rule is always the same – Unless they are an entrepreneur, offers no exceptions, no matter who they are. You can rest assured that the speakers, and content you hear will be relevant to you – especially if you are a startup founder – than some MBA gyaan right out of the textbook. That’s the standard we’ve set for the startup school sessions and we will continue to deliver on that.

The second day will be the showcase of India’s most promising 20 technology startups. The nominations are already open and the deadlines are on the end of this month. So do hurry and submit your nominations if you are a company which has a product that you are looking to launch to an elite audience, gain market traction, looking for strategic alliances, or looking to plan your exit and gain visibility in the eyes of acquisition and exit partners, then the stage is something to aim for. You MUST have a working prototype, a serious team backing it, and the basic corporate structure (read, Website, brand, identity etc) in place. We have raised the standards quite high that if you are a company in the web space, and do make it to the stage, I would consider you very very very very unique and promising. Do keep that in mind.

Crucial Dates to Follow:

Nominations Open: Now.

Nominations Close: 30th May ’08

Shortlist Announcement (to companies): 20th June ’08

Press Conference in Delhi: 11th July ’08.

Entry Fee per Company (once shortlisted) Rs. 10,000.

Registration for Attendees:

So Let’s say that you are not a company looking to capture the stage, but want to keep a pulse on whats happening in India, network with the top shots who come for an event like this, and want to tap into the startup community here in India, well for starters you are absolutely in the right place. You wont be finding a better place to scout for the best upcoming breed of entrepreneurs anywhere in the country.

So this is the way you could register for the event.

On the eve of May 15th, the registrations for folks who want to attend the event will open. You can directly visit the site,, enter your name and other related information, enter your credit card details via Paypal, and immediately be confirmed with a seat, with your name on it for the big day.

Since we also want to encourage the student and upcoming startup community to participate and dont want the lack of a credit card to hold them up, you will soon see a list of startups in the cities of Chennai, Bangalore, Delhi, Pune, Hyderabad and Mumbai who will be issuing entry tickets for the event. You could go visit their office, pay the cash and pick up your entry tickets. We will announce these addresses by the end of May.

Dates Regarding Registrations:

Online Registrations: May 15th

City-wide Entry Ticket Outlets: May 31st.

Entry Fee per Attendee: Rs. 500.
keep an eye on this blog, or subscribe to the mailing list for more such updates. We’ll be filling you in on the details as the date closes in.

You can also follow the updates from the team subscribing to the twitter feed at

Looking forward for a culture, mindset and ecosystem, where the startups win!



Attending Delhi
From an event planning perspective, the first and foremost major milestones are the dates and the venue. We’ve just about finalized them. We had played a bit of a gamble announcing the dates first and then looking for the venue, but as luck should have it, we’ve managed within the same timelines and have tentatively finalized on it.

Dates: July 18th and 19th 2008.
Venue: IIT Delhi, Delhi.

Do keep an eye on the blog and sign up for the mailing list to stay up-to-date on whats being planned for this edition of We made a promise that for every edition of, rather than coming together and group whining about what all is wrong for the startups in India, we’d make an attempt to solve them. The Startup Lunch initiative was one such effort to solve the hiring problem that Startups were facing – and its been extremely well received. We have a slew of such initiatives under wraps which we will be launching in every consecutive editions, and obviously the companies will be given priority for each of these services – as much as they are open to all, as of now. If you wanted to know, that’s one more reason to head to the nomination page and to submit your company profile, if you are a technology product based Indian startup.

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