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I’ve always been curious about the way different industries work. There is a lot to learn from each other and more often than not you usually find that the learnings from one industry can provide to be of vital importance for the breakthrough of a process in another industry.

Take for example a restaurant. I would like to know what is the standard rule that a chef and the manager follow in terms of managing the inventory in the kitchen against the demand for dishes that they serve in the menu. It can be a little complicated dealing with the variances of different customers, and different dishes being favorites at different times of the year. And if I am a sample customer to go by, I don’t know what I am planning to eat till the moment the food is ordered.

I wonder how a chef manages all that uncertainty. Someday I’ll make a friend who runs a hotel – or perhaps i remember a few people whom I can already talk to about this – and understand the mystery logic behind this process.

One other industry that I have been interested has been the entertainment industry – especially the visual media stream. Thanks to a friend of mine, and I Fix, I did get the chance to peak inside a radio station in chennai and it has been quite interesting to get to know the lingo they use within, the atmosphere people work under and what the stress of that job is like. I did volunteer for a local radio station in canada and did get to learn quite a few things, especially about mixers and how they manage the program. But life from inside the booth and from the RJ’s box has been quite an interesting perspective.

All this said, the television industry has been something that has been evading me for sometime now. Well, I finally got a chance to put an end to that one two days ago.

A popular television channel was shooting a program to showcase the musical talent of office workers, and when i got an invitation to perhaps visit the set, I was quite curious and did accept the invite. I have to say that is quite an eye opener. If the saying “like a kid in the candy store” is not too cliched to use, I shall certainly use that one. Catching a glimpse of the people in the team that bring the show to life, and who holds the responsibilities for delivering what component – the accuracy in which lines have to be said, visual elements corrected and cameramen working in unison – and all this with sparks of creativity flying hither and thither, well if you thought meeting deadlines as a software engineer was tough you can rest easy knowing that show business is not a walk in the park. I am told that an entire episode of a show is sometimes scripted, shot, edited and shipped in a matter of days and people go on with or without sleep for days. Judging from the look of some of the people who were there, I have no reason to not believe that.

I was quite impressed with the quality of musical talent that is hidden away under the security controlled premises of the IT sector and revelling at the chance to witness some of these performances at close proximity.

So what does the tech side of me think? Well, The set was the most elaborate thing I’ve seen in sometime. The last time I saw a stage in such likely detail was when we were involved with an university event with a budget in the lower millions. That said, what was there in reality and what was coming out on the video monitor were gross misrepresentations. The set had layers and layers of prop and a very compelling atmosphere and the entire thing got lost in the world of 2D cameras.

Hmm.. How I wish 3D cameras would come to being a reality soon! We see the world in depth and can perceive it because we have two visual receptors – the two eyes. The camera tends to lose it cause it has only one eye – the lens. There have been plenty of attempts to work on camera with dual lenses which capture the essence and detail of the human vision. But its still a dream away from being reality.

All in due time.. all in due time.