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In the Media

Whatever I could find with a quick Google Search.

Indian Startups Look to Home:: “…People are realizing that looking out at a market where you don’t understand the customer IQ is hard,” says Vijay Anand, who heads…”

Startup Forum now all set to go national : “’s main aim is to help start-ups validate their businesses, while DEMO helps companies validate their products,” says Anand.

Entrepreneur Meets Turning Chennai into a Startup Hotspot : “UAE-born serial entrepreneur Vijay Anand, who chose to live in Chennai to get involved in its entrepreneurial environment, argues: “If a (Silicon) valley is coming up, it is either Chennai or Pune.” This city has cheaper rent, people who don’t job hop and a community geared towards the real freshman entrepreneur.”

Small Outfits Offer Big Opportunities: ““Freshers are the best people for a start-up because they are economical, loyalty is high and can be trained for any task efficiently,” says Vijay Anand, chief organizer,”


Deccan Chronicle: Blogebrities

Hindu Chennai Metro Plus: Entrepreneur IT!

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