Vijay Anand | The Startup Guy.

My Bucket List

There is too much to put down on this, but will start with.

1. Getting a Pilot License

2. Flying a fighter plane

3. Skydiving

4. Write a book

5. Be part of a really proud moment for India.

6. Head to the North Pole to See the Aurora Borealis

7. Do a course in Sound Engineering

8. Spend a day with someone I really admire. Have to find that person first.

9. Go for a TED Conference

10. Learn a South Asian Language

11. Send my parents off on a world trip. and tag along 🙂

12. Visit the seven wonders of the world – two down.

13. Build something like for Musicians and Designers in India.

14.  Try to redefine the music/media industry

15. learn to play the Piano

16. Retire a bit early when there is still strength left. Live a life without too much regrets. (does this count?)

17. …


2 Responses to "My Bucket List"

what is yr email?

You can write to me at vijay (at) vijayanand (dot) name

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