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Moving Atlast. Out of and Into my Own.

Posted on: April 9, 2009

I’ve wanted to move out of for ages now. Never quite got around to it and the time and effort that needed to make the move, flip the DNS settings and ensure that none of the current readers got lost along the way, was a bit too much to undertake.

I’ve slowly been putting effort into parallely setting up a server, in my own host – finally, will point to itself, rather than redirect – and if all goes well, starting monday you should be seeing a brand new site.

I will do my best to keep it current. One of the things I am consciously doing is to get out of “blogging” mode and into writing mode. With Twitter being so pervasive, it would be fair to keep the conversations there itself, and to keep the blog to some quality articles – articles worth revisiting someday again. I also want to have a place where all my social and online presence will be aggregated and laid out. Hopefully the new location will do all that.

From being a skeptic on blogging, I’ve come a long way.


2 Responses to "Moving Atlast. Out of and Into my Own."

Welcome to the self hosting world of wordpress. I am sure you would enjoy flexibility you get.

I am running my blog (self hosted) for many year now and its fun!

Absolutely Ruchit. Am looking forward to it.

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